Mixed Use of Suspend & S2 Pin on The CY22392

Version 1
    Question: According to CY22392 datasheet, the S2 pin is multiplexed with the SUSPEND pin, and, when the pin is low, the PLLs are shut off. The PLL2 and PLL3 need to be shut off all the time. When s2 pin is set high, will the PLL2 and PLL3 be aroused from suspension? If so, how can this be avoided?



    The S2 pin can control SUSPEND as well but does not have to. SUSPEND is only enabled if the engineer clicks in the "Activate Suspend Mode" boxes in CyberClocks. If none of the boxes are checked, then the S2 pin will only act as a select pin. PLL2 and PLL3 can be turned off in the CyberClocks GUI.