CY22392/3/4/5 Configuration

Version 1
    Question: How is the CY22392/3/4/5 configured using CyberClocks?



    Perform the following steps to create the jedec file:

    1. While in CyberClocks, move the cursor over CyClocksRT and click on the appropriate device.
    2. Enter a reference input frequency and choose crystal or external. If crystal, specify the parallel load capacitance.
    3. Enter the desired output frequencies in the yellow highlighted Output boxes.
    4. Click the "Calculate" button.

    If the desired outputs are white, everything configured correctly. An orange highlighted output means there is some PPM error associated with it. A red highlighted output means it could not be achieved.

    To manually set the frequency and output dividers, click on the "Advanced GUI" button. The "VCO Calculator" in the Option menu can be used to help determine the best PLL frequency and output/divider combination.

    Additional information is available in the CyClocksRT Help file.