"Error Identification on hardware !" message while programming M8 with Hi-Lo programmer

Version 1
    Question: While programming the M8 with a Hi-Lo programmer, the 'Error Identification on hardware !' message is seen. Why?



    You may see this message the first time you open Cystart. This means the COM port setting on Cystart does not match the port where the RS232 cable is connected. Click 'OK' on the error message. Go to the Setup menu and select the correct COM port. The Programmer Status message should change to EXIST.



  •   The COM port has been assigned to another application by the host PC. This problem occurs when the user unplugs the RS232 cable from another running application without terminating it. Therefore, when Cystart tries to set up the serial communication with the programmer, the host PC responds with a message saying the COM port selected is not available even though the RS232 cable is physically connected to the programmer.