Reading Data from the Second EEPROM -- CY3681 Development Kit Using Vend_Ax

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    Question: In CY3681 Development Kit using Vend_Ax, what is the way to read data from the second EEPROM ?



    The CY3681 FX2 development board has an EEPROM SELECT switch (SW1), labeled SMALL and LARGE. To read the second EEPROM on the development board,one would need to unplug the board, move the switch to the other position, reconnect and download Vend_Ax to read the EEPROM as you previously did.
    The small EEPROM is intended to hold VID/PID/DID information while the large EEPROM can be used to hold your program code, linked to internal memory (0xC2 load), to be downloaded when the device is plugged in.
    Additional information to help familiarize you with the CY3681 FX2 development kit can be found in the "EZ-USB Contents and Tutorial" pdf located in Cypress\USB\Doc\EZ-USB General directory.