Difference in the charge pump values.

Version 1
    Question: Why does the charge pump value displayed in the bit viewer of CyClocksRT show a higher value then that recommended in the Table 9 of the CY22150 datasheet? If the CyClocksRT setting is preferred, how can I calculate this pump value in software?



    CyClocksRT uses a proprietary algorithm to optimize the charge pump value. The table in the datasheet will give you guaranteed PLL stability, but will not necessarily be the optimum solution. We recommend referencing the CyClocksRT charge pump value for critical configurations.

    The datasheet values are set to cover a wide range of possible P values, while CyClocksRT knows exactly which P value you will be using.

    The datasheet table chooses the lowest charge pump value acceptable for a specific range of P values; the lowest value will give you the most stability margin.