Difference among the checksums in JEDEC file

Version 1
    Question: Could you please let me know why is there a checksum in the JEDEC file for programmable clocks like the CY22150, CY22392, CY22381 after ============CODE============== Don't modify file contents after this line: # < Checksum: XXXXXXXX And the checksum at the end of the JEDEC file. CXXXX Also what is the line after the checksum line with the ASCII square?



    The CyberClocks software checksum is the one which is denoted as checksum: XXXXXXX and the JEDEC checksum is listed near the bottom of the file as CXXX. The CyberClocks checksum is used to verify that the JEDEC file contents have not been changed or corrupted and it can be read back into the software.


    The box below the JEDEC checksum line is an "end of transmission" character and the four characters after that are a transmission checksum. CyberClocks fills it with 0's to disable the transmission checksum.