Actual Frequency for the CY22392

Version 1
    Question: After setting a desired frequency, the actual frequency appears in three values. The first represents the desired frequency with 0 ppm. the other two vary from objective frequency and non-zero ppm. Can all three be realized? Can the CY22392 really output the frequency with 0 ppm like the first one?



    Yes, all can be realized. If the Cyberclocks software says the actual output frequency is 0 ppm and the input is also 0ppm then the resulting output will be 0ppm. PPM limits may be tightened on more critical outputs that require a higher accuracy by typing in a new value.  If you cannot exceed a certain frequency you can also set the limits to +/-500ppm to 0ppm as well.

    If any of the clock outputs fields change color after clicking on calculate, the output frequency is not 0ppm. Orange means that the output frequency is within your specified PPM range, Red means that it is outside of the specified range. The PPM range bar has a tab that gives the user a visual feel of how much PPM error there is.  You can check the PPM error by going to the Advanced GUI interface.