CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx parts

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    Question: What are the CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx parts?



    The CY7C634xx/635xx/636xx are our low-cost solution for low-speed applications with high I/O requirements such as keyboards, keyboards with integrated pointing device, gamepads, and many other devices. These products conform to the USB Specification, Version 1.0. These also conforms to the USB HID Specification, Version 1.0. These chips supports 1 device address and 3 data endpoints. The Internal memory is organized as follows:

    •   256 bytes of RAM
    •   8 Kbytes of EPROM (CY7C63413, CY7C63513)

    The interface can auto-configure to operate as either a PS2 or USB. These chips have up to 24 General Purpose Input/Outputs (GPIO's).

    Please be noted that currently CY7C63413C (48-pin SSOP), CY7C63513C(48-pin SSOP), CY7C63613C(24-pin SOIC) are available and the status for these parts is NRND .