Transformers recommendation for HOTLink CY7B9234 and CY7B9334

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    Question: What transformers does Cypress recommend for HOTLink CY7B9234 and CY7B9334?



    The transformers that we recommend to use for our HOTLink CY7B9234 and CY7B9334 devices are as following:


    Commercial Temp Transformer from Pulse Engineering.

    PE-65508 Dual transformer (Up to 531 Mbaud / 266 Mhz)

    T3001 Single transformer (Up to 700 Mbaud / 350 Mhz)


    Industrial Temp Transformer from Pulse Specialty.

    T-330SCT Dual Transformer (Up to 265 Mbaud / 132 Mhz)

    T-1062SCT Dual Transformer (Up to 1065 Mbaud / 531 Mhz)