Slave FIFO Mode Synchronous Burst Read/Write with the CY7C68013 (FX2)

Version 1
    Question: Does the FX2 device support synchronous burst read/write in slave FIFO mode? In the FX2 Technical Reference Manual, I am unable to find an I/O waveform of synchronous burst read/write with SLRD/SLWR asserted for the entire burst duration.



    You won't find this anywhere in the FX2 TRM because it assumes a conservative approach (single-wait state access). However, it is possible to read or write a byte/word on every IFCLK edge while SLRD and SLWR remain asserted. This type of access gets you the highest achievable bandwidth over the physical interface (96MB/s).

    It may be difficult to get the timing right because of the different external master requirements, but burst accesses are possible. We recommend using an external IFCLK source to get attainable setup and hold timing parameters for the data and control signals.

    This is also applicable to the EZ-USB SX2.