CY7C68300 / CY7C68300A - Alternate EEPROM for EZ-USB AT2

Version 1
    Question: Can I use a different EEPROM with the EZ-USB AT2?



    AT2 can only access 0x100 bytes of configuration data from an external EEPROM and so AT2 sends out only one byte of address data to read/write transfers from the EEPROM. The EEPROM used i.e 24LC02B, requires only one byte of address data for read/write transfers. Since the AT2 only sends out one byte of address data, we have observed that it will not work with EEPROMs that require two bytes of address data. Designers must ensure that the EEPROM they are choosing matches the timing, addressing, and size requirements that are specified in the AT2 datasheet.