ROM file download to CM8MON41

Version 1
    Question: When using CM8MON41, why can't we download my ROM file correctly to the emulator?



    The cause for such error is usually a bad connection or wrong settings. Below are the settings you might want to check.

    1.   Go to My Computer/Control Panel/Regional Settings and make sure it is set to English (United States). This is the usual cause of download problems.
    2.   Is the  board powered?
    3.   Make sure you have connected the RS232 cable.
    4.   Set the correct Com Port.
    5.   Go to the device manager and set the Com Port settings to:
            Baud rate = 19200 (possibly 9600 as well)
            Data Bits = 8
            Parity = None
            Stop Bits = 1
            Flow Control = Xon/Xoff
    6.   Set Switch S3 configuration to:
            Position 1: Open (Program RAM)
            Position 2: Open (Run on Reset)
            The rest of the switch: Close (Default)
    7.   Set Switch S1 config. to:
            Position 1: Open (Enable USB Bus Reset)