Unable to download the firmware (the .rom file) onto CY3650

Version 1
    Question: I can't download the my firmware (the .rom file) onto my CY3650. When I download the file "test.rom", Why does the PC pop up a message saying  "cmdDnldDnld_Click: DownLoad of test.rom ended before all valid characters were loaded into Program RAM. Stopped at Program RAM Address1"?



    The cause for such error is usually a bad connection or wrong settings.

    There are a couple settings you might want to check.


    1.   Go to My Computer/Control Panel/Regional Settings and make sure this is set to English (United States).
    2.   Is the  board powered?
    3.   Make sure you have connected the RS232.
    4.   Set the Comm Port settings to:

            Baud rate = 19200
            Data Bits = 8
            Parity = None
            Stop Bits = 1
            Flow Control = Xon/Xoff

    My guess is that you have the Regional Settings not set to English, but if this is not the case, check the switches - S1 and S3 - and COM port settings.