Power supply decoupling required for HOTLink products

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    Question: What special power supply decoupling is required for HOTLink products?



    HOTLink requires no special considerations for power-supply bypassing beyond that normally associated with high-speed logic. This typically includes the use of a ground plane, a Vcc plane, and bypassing using multiple RF quality chip capacitors. Each of the ground pins of a HOTLink IC should connect directly to the ground plane using short (<6 mm) traces and vias. All of the Vcc pins should connect to a Vcc area under the HOTLink, which is then connect to the board Vcc through a single via. Connect one 10- to 22-nF capacitor (based on operating character clock rate) for each Vcc pin directly from the pin to GND. For more information see the "Using Decoupling Capacitors" application note.

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