Steps to get started with CY3655 Kit

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    Question: What are quick steps to get started with CY3655 Kit?



    Following are the steps:

    1.   Install PSoC Designer, Service Pack II and the PSoC Programmer.
    2.   Compile and build the project "Draw USB" using PSoC Designer. The Draw USB project can be found under Examples/CY7C63/Draw USB in PSoC Designer?s installation directory.
    3.   Connect the ICE (powered up) to the USB port of the PC. The ICE is then connected to the pod using the blue Cat5 cable. The pod goes onto the appropriate foot that rests on the socket in the enCoRe II Application board.
    4.   On the debugger section of the PSoC Designer, hit the "Connect" button and after successful connect hit the "Download to emulator" button. After download is complete, the program is halted. Now, connect the PS2 or the USB receptacle on the application board to the appropriate slot on the PC. After this, hit the "Execute program" button on the PSoC Designer. Now the program is running and the emulation chip can be verified for its operation.
    5.   The devices can be programmed using the Modular Programmer base or the enCoRe II Applications Board. Please refer to relevant KB articles for details on these topics.