Data Clock-CPU Clock Relationship within the DELSIG11

Version 1
    Question: How is the Data Clock related to the CPU clock for the DELSIG11?



    The Data Clock and the CPU clock are related only in that they are both derived from the System Clock; they operate independently.  

    The Data Clock and the Average CPU Overhead are related by the Sample Rate.  A sample rate is determined when the user sets the Data Clock in the User Module.  The maximum Data Clock rate is 8 MHz.  The following equation displays this relationship for the DELSIG11.

                    Data Clock = (4 x 256) x Sample Rate ;    where the maximum Sample Rate  is 7.8 ksps (minimum = 125 sps)

    The Average CPU Overhead is determined by the following equation:

                    AverageCPUOverhead = (623 x Sample Rate)/(CPU Clock)