Time Taken for Dynamic Reconfiguration

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    Question: How long does dynamic reconfiguration take?



    It is not possible to accurately characterize the time time taken to load a configuration.  This depends on the amount of reconfiguration required and also the CPU speed. Reconfiguration of a single digital PSoC block can be accomplished with as few as three MOV instructions to update the digital block's configuration register, each MOV taking 8 CPU clock cycles. The maximum time taken could be when all the configuration registers have to be updated. 

    However, the time taken to load a configuration may be accurately found out by some simple debugging methodsh.

    1. Set a port pin High before the call to the LoadConfig function and clear it after the call.  Using an oscilloscope, measure the time the port pin stays on.

    2. Enable the trace buffer.  In the "Debug >> Trace Mode" menu, select PC / Timestamp.  Now place a breakpoint before the call to the LoadConfig function and a breakpoint after the call.  In the trace window, note the timestamp difference between the call to the LoadConfig function and the ret instruction of the LoadConfig function.  Multiply the difference in timestamp by 1/CPU clock to get the accurate configuration load time.