Emulation with packages other than 24 or 40 PDIP in CY3655

Version 1
    Question: The CY3655 DVK allows for emulation of 24 or 40 PDIP parts.  How do I emulate other parts of the enCoRe II family?



    If you are using only the CY3655 DVK,  you should use either the 24 or 40 PDIP part that most closely matches your end target device for development.  Ensure that you only use the features/ports that are available with your target device in the firmware.  When you have completed your development/debugging and you are ready to program the part, clone your project selecting the target device you are using.

    If you wish to do emulation using your own target board, you will need to order the correct foot as noted in the CY3655 Hardware User Guide.