Programming encoreII devices using Cat5 Cable

Version 1
    Question: Can the Cat5 cable be used for programming enCoRe II devices?



    Yes, the Cat5 cable can be used for programming enCoRe II devices; this can only be done using the Modular programmer base available with CY3655 kit in conjunction with the ICE cube. The programming set-up is explained below.

    Programming set-up:

    1.) Connect the ICE cube to the Modular Programmer Base using the blue Cat5 cable.



    2.) Make sure the chip is oriented correctly in the programmer's socket. The socket can only accommodate through-hole packages. Adapters (sold separately) can be used to connect different package types to the programmer base.

    3.) Make sure the appropriate module (CY3216-01, CY3216-02 or CY3216-03) and module side (side A or side B) is chosen. Page 13 of the Hardware User Guide (CY3655 kit) gives information on package types and their corresponding modules. The appropriate module with the right side is then snapped in place in the memory style DIMM slot of the programmer base.


    The CY3655 hardware user guide can be accessed by clicking here - CY3655 Hardware User Guide