Programming mode for encoreII

Version 1
    Question: What is the difference between power cycle mode, power detect mode and reset acquire mode in PSoC Programmer? What mode is recommended for the enCoRe II devices?




    Power cycle mode, Power detect mode and Reset acquire mode modes are used by the PSoC Programmer to acquire the device for programming. The enCoRe II devices support only the "power cycle" acquire mode. enCoRe II packages don't have an external reset pin (to be able to use the reset acquire mode) and also don't support power detect mode (to detect external power in the system and acquire the device for programming).


    There are some issues however, with using the 'Power cycle' acquire mode. In this case, the programmer controls the timing of power application to the system. This may cause issues when


    1.)   The system is powered externally

    2.)   The system is a low-voltage or high-current system and/or the programmer doesn't support the current/voltage requirements of the target system.