Cloning Projects

Version 1
    Question: How do I clone a project to a different PSoC Device?



    To convert your project between device types, follow the steps given below.

    1. Select "File > New Project". Enter a name for your new project. Click Ok.

    2. In the next window, there is an option to select an existing project for Cloning. Click "Browse.." button under Clone Project and select the PSoC Designer project file in *.cmx or *.soc format from the appropriate location.

    3. To clone the project to a different device; click the "Select Targer Device" radio button. Then, select the target device by clicking "View Catlog.." button. Press Ok after selecting target device.

    4. PSoC Designer will then analyse the compatibility of the original and newly selected devie and show the report. If all the tests show "PASS", you can clone the project directly

    5. If the report shows some of the tests failing, please analyse the older project manually and make sure that this will not affect the funcationality of proejct. You can clone the project after noting down the modifications required for the proper functionality.