Development kits for SL811HS

Version 1

    Question:  What is the difference between SL811HS-DVK and EZ-811HS dev kit? 

    Response:  There are several differences between the two kits. However the EZ-811HS kit can do everything the SL811HS-DVK can and more. The only time the SL811HS-DVK might be recommended over the EZ-811HS kit is if developing for an x86 platform or ISA bus interface. The SL811HS-DVK kit is an ISA based kit.   The EZ-811HS takes advantage of our EZ-USB product which contains an 8051, therefore the code is 8051 based and easily ported. This kit has new and improved examples and collateral.   The EZ-811HS development kit is now readily available. This kit is recommended over the older SL811HS-DVK kit and may eventually replace it.