PCI-DP without a local processor

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    - Is it recommended to use a local processor on a PCI card with the PCI-DP?

    - Will the PCI-DP work without a local processor?

    - Can I use something else besides a local processor?


    It is possible to operate the PCI-DP without a local processor interfaced to the local bus.  In this case, the part would be used as a target memory on the PCI bus.  However, even with this setup, you need to maintain a toggling CLKIN for proper operation of the PCI-DP.  This is because some functions on the PCI-DP run on the CLKIN input, such as the Operations Registers.  

    For prototyping purposes, our PCI-DP evaluation board leaves the local bus unconnected (signals to test points) -- that is, customers can hook up custom local bus controllers.

    It is also possible to substitute the local processor with another form of controller logic.  It is not imperative to have a processor handle PCI-DP local bus transactions -- but the logic would have to be functionally and timing equivalent.  The timings of the local bus transactions are shown in the datasheet.