GPIOs  available in CY6981 Bluetooth Baseband + Radio chip

Version 1
    Question: How many GPIOs are there on the CY6981 Bluetooth Baseband + Radio chip?

    Response: The CY6981 provides 6 independently programmable General Purpose I/Os (GPIOs). Each GPIO is accessed and configured through GPIO Data, GPIO Configuration, and GPIO Direction registers that are defined in the CY6981 Transport Protocol document. These GPIOs are high latency GPIOs, up to 1.2 ms. The user can configure them to sense buttons or to drive LEDs. A GPIO interrupt can be generated if enabled - one interrupt is shared by all 6 GPIOs. The user needs to compare the previous value of the Data IN register with the value after receiving the interrupt to detect which GPIO has changed its status. GPIO[2] and GPIO[3] can be programmed as dedicated LED outputs.In this mode the LEDs can be configured to display solid colors or to blink (programmable as fast or slow).