Post-enumeration Initialization Steps -- SX2

Version 1
    Question: What are the typical initialization steps the external processor needs to take after SX2 enumerates?



    After the SX2 has its descriptor information, it connects and enumerates. The external processor should wait for the ENUM_OK interrupt. The external processor can perform other tasks while waiting for enumeration to complete. After it gets the ENUM_OK interrupt, the external processor should write all of the SX2 configuration registers values it needs to set up the SX2 for its application. After enumeration, it's a good idea for the external processor to check and see whether the SX2 enumerated at high or full speed and adjust the EPxPKTLENH/L register so that the SX2 knows when to automatically send packets to the host. The last initialization task is for the external master to flush all of the SX2 FIFOs.