Problems debugging when using internal monitors

Version 1
    Question: When I download the mon-int-sio1.hex or mon-int-sio0.hex to the development board and start the Keil debugger software, the Keil debugger says "monitor detected". But when it starts downloading the firmware to the board, the debugger pops up with a "target board not found" dialog box. Any ideas on what could be wrong?



    The default internal monitor is loaded from 0x0000-0x11CD. Make sure your application code is not stepping on the monitor code. In additions to verifing the Com port selection is correct, check the baud rate. In the Kiel tools it should be set to 19200 for the EZ-USB and 38400 for the EZ-USB FX. Try using the external version of the monitor (mon-ext-sio1.hex or mon-ext-sio0.hex).