Running the debugger on a custom board without external memory AN2131

Version 1
    Question: Is it possible to run the debugger on the AN2131S, since it does not have external memory?



    We include an internal version of the monitor with the development kit. However, with no external memory available you will be limited by the amount of remaining memory.

    There is a readme.txt file in the C:\cypress\usb\target\monitor that explains the various monitors and the resources used by them.

    There are some places where you can reclaim some RAM for your application. First, there is a chunk of code in main () that can be removed if your descriptors are located in internal RAM. You can remove this entire if statement:

    if ((WORD)&DeviceDscr & 0xe000)
    {... }

    Also, if your device is self-powered, it does not need to worry about suspend and resume and you can remove the entire if statement:

    if (sleep)

    { ... }

    (ISODISAB bit in ISOCTL), and unused bulk endpoint buffers for code and data.