Timers in FX2LP

Version 1
    Question: The documentation indicates there are three timers.Are all three timers available for me to use in their various modes or is one or more  reserved for use by the USB interface portion?


    The EZ-USB includes three timer/counters (Timer 0, Timer 1, and Timer 2). Each timer/counter can operate either as a timer with a clock rate based on the EZ-USB’s internal clock (CLKOUT) or as an event counter clocked by the T0 pin (Timer 0), T1 pin (Timer 1), or the T2 pin (Timer 2). Timers 1 and 2 may be used for baud clock generation for the serial interface.The timer1 is used by the monitor for debugging. If you use the timer1 the monitor will not work.Please refer to Chapter 14 of TRM for more information.