Update the device firmware from the Host over USB

Version 1
    Question: In my USB application, I need to be able to update the device firmware from the Host over USB.Is it possible to do this using the EZ-USB?If so,are there any limitations or requirements for this capability?



    Yes.Once the Default USB Device enumerates and the host downloads firmware and descriptor tables to the EZ-USB, it then begins executing the downloaded code, which electrically simulates a physical disconnect/connect from the USB and causes the EZ-USB to enumerate again as a second device, this time taking on the USB personality defined by the downloaded code and descriptors. This patented secondary enumeration process is called ‘ReNumeration.EZ-USB devices can renumerate at any time and multiple times, downloading new firmware and the reconnecting using that new firmware. The only limitations are those involving the capacity of storage for your firmware (e.g., EEPROM, internal memory, external memory).The EZ-USB family of products is very well suited for this type of application.