Installing the Development Tools with AN2131

Version 1
    Question: The application note "Using Port A.pdf" is not on my CD. What should I do?



    This application note appears under a directory path, which on some versions of the LAB CD ROM, does not install with the default. The path this file will appear in is:

    C:\Cypress\USB\Application Reference Materials\Support Information\Full Speed Devices\AN21xx & CY7C646xx\Application Notes

    If you do not have this path you will need to reinstall the CD by first uninstalling and then re-install the development kit software. Be sure that you back up any data that you have added to the c:\cypress directory. Put the CD in the drive select -> install products -> USB -> EZ-USB Dev Kit...when it asks if you want to uninstall or re-install select uninstall. Go through the procedure to uninstall the CD.Now run the CD and this time do a CUSTOM installation and select the additional material you referred to.