Communicate with the I2C interface of the EZUSB parts

Question: How does EZUSB communicate with I2C interface?What is the address that is used in the EZUSB_WriteI2C() routine?Where can I find the source code for this function?



The APIs EZUSB_ReadI2C() and EZUSB_WriteI2C() may be used for communication with I2C devices.These routines are included in EZUSB library.The address in the EZUSB_WriteI2C() routine is the address of the device that it is talking to. Please see the dev_io example provide in C:\Cypress\USB\Examples\FX2LPdev_io for reference. In this example the address of the LED is used in the EZUSB_WriteI2C() routine.
 The source code for the routines are in i2c.c, i2c_rw.c files which are provided in the development kit in C:\Cypress\USB\Target\Lib\LP.For more information on I2C communication,refer to Section 13.4 of Technical Reference Manual