CY3210-MiniProg1 and PSoC ISSP CY3207ISSP

Version 1
    Question: What are the differences between CY3210-MiniProg1 and CY3207-ISSP. Can the MiniProg kit be enough for production programming?



    Generally, the MiniProg is used for development purpose and CY3207 is used as a production programmer.

    Although the MiniProg can also be used for production programming, there are a couple of reasons why we suggest customers to usethe CY3207ISSP for production programming.

    1. The mechanical assembly of the MiniProg is not robust and does not suitproduction programming. 

    2. We have not done a full cycle of programmer qualification tests on theMiniProg, which has been done on the CY3207ISSP.