In-System EEPROM Programming for CY7C65620/30 - KBA82845

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    Question: Is there any program from a PC to in-system EEPROM programming to connect to the CY7C65620/30 hub? If so, how does this programming work?



    CY7C65620/30 supports in-System EEPROM programming. In-System programming means that the programming can be done while the EEPROM resides in the system rather than having to remove it for the sake of programming. We have implemented vendor specific USB commands in the hub to write/read the EEPROM. So boards can be built with un-programmed EEPROMs and then programmed with the proper contents later.

    Blaster and primer are two software utilities that come with CY4605 and CY4606 Hub RDKs, which can be used for this in-system programming from a PC running Windows.

    Blaster allows editing of the hub capability and descriptors whereas primer is a manufacturing line programming tool. Primer takes an EEPROM image (.iic file) created by Blaster and programs the Hub as soon as it is plugged in.

    Note: For programming the EEPROM using the programming utilities the hub has to be connected to cyusb.sys.