Using CyConsole to communicate with HID devices

Version 1
    Question: Is it possible to use Cyconsole with the enCoRe II devices?



    Yes, it is possible to use Cyconsole with enCoRe II devices. Normally, an enCoRe II HID device would use the Windows HID driver to communicate with host. So, for the Cyconsole application to be able to talk to the enCoRe II device, the device should attach to the CYUSB driver. This is achieved by the following steps.



    1.)       Download and install the SuiteUSB SDK.


           This contains Cyconsole application and the CyUSB driver.

    2.)       The default directory where the driver is saved is C:\Program Files\Cypress\USB DevStudio\Driver\CyUSB.sys

    3.)       Open CYUSB.sys and make the following changes.

    a.)       Make a copy of this line in the file ? ?;%VID_VVVV&PID_PPPP.DeviceDesc%=CyUsb, USB\VID_VVVV&PID_PPPP?

    b.)       Uncomment the copied line (Remove the ?;? character in front of the line)

    c.)       Change VVVV to the hex vendor ID and PPPP to hex product ID.

    d.)       Scroll down to the line ? VID_VVVV&PID_PPPP.DeviceDesc="Cypress Generic USB Device"

    e.)       Change VVVV to the hex vendor ID and PPPP to hex product ID like in step c.

    f.)        Save the changes.

    4.)       Program the enCoRe II device and attach it to the host using USB. If the device enumerates using the Windows HID driver, go to device properties in Device Manager ->Driver-> Update Driver and go on to select the CyUSB.sys driver stored in the location mentioned in step 2. If Windows gives you a ?Not digitally signed? warning, hit continue anyway. Your device should now use the CyUSB.sys driver and should appear under USB controllers on Device Manager.

    Note:- After installing the SDK you can find the drivers in C:\Program Files\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.1\Driver\bin separated into folders based on the OS and hardware platform.