Using cypress VID/PID in end product

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    Question: Can we use Cypress VID and PID in our end product(s)?



    No, Cypress VID can be used only for development purposes. The main reason behind this is, OS like windows remembers the system files (inf file, driver etc) used by the device and loads them every time the device is plugged. If our VID is used by our customers then the possibility that many customers use the same VID/PID for their product exists. In this case as you can see the end product may bind to a different driver and malfunction. Ultimately this causes trouble for the end customer.

    To avoid this, Vendor IDs (VIDs) are owned by the vendor company and are assigned and maintained by USB-IF. Visit for more information on USB-IF membership and obtaining a VID.
    Product IDs (PIDs) are assigned by each vendor as they see fit, the USB-IF recommends each vendor set up a coordinated allocation scheme for PIDs so different teams don't inadvertently choose the same PID for different products. Duplicate numbers will cause compliance testing to fail.  Once you have a VID, you can assign any PID you like, as there will be no conflict amongst different vendor devices.