My FX2LP development board comes up as a DVB-T product

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    Question: Why does my FX2LP development board comes up as a DVB-T product?



    Unfortunately a customer recently used the default EZ-USB FX2LP VID/PID for their ReNumeration loader driver. They took this product through WHQL and had the driver signed, therefore it is in the Windows Update catalog. Windows XP will preferentially choose a signed driver over other options that are available. If you allow Windows to search the web when installing the FX2LP device it will locate this driver and attach it to the FX2LP VID/PID, which is used for our devleopment system.

    Cypress is working to correct this problem with both Microsoft and the customer, however it will probably take some time to remedy.

    The first option is to try to prevent the occurrence by not selecting the radio buttons that allow Windows to search the web when going through the Found New Hardware wizard. However if you are reading this article you are probably past that point.

    Here are options for working around this

    You can delete the VID/PID entries from the registry:
    1. Open the registry via Start->Run->regedt32.
    2. Navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB.
    3. The Cypress VID is 04b4 and the PIDs used include 8613 and 1002. Highlight the entry with VID_04b4&PID_8613 to operate on.
    4. Go to the menu Security/Permissions... Change the Permissions to Everyone has Read and Full control. You should now be able to delete the key.
    5. Repeat the above for VID_04b4&PID_1002.

    Removing the VID/PID entries from the registry will ensure that the Windows Hardware Wizard comes up the next time you plug in the device. Using the Wizard, browse to select the cyusb.inf file, which will allow you to bind to the cyusb.sys driver. Please see the attachment for the exact steps involved.

    You may also bind to the cyusb.sys driver with the device already attached as follows:

    1. Go to device manager.
    2. Click on the FX2LP device (displayed incorrectly as an DVB-T device) and select properties.
    3. Click on the tab marked "Driver" and then click on the button marked "Update Driver".
    4. The "Hardware Update Wizard" will appear. 
    5. Browse through the directory to select the cyusb.inf file to install the cyusb.sys driver and complete the wizard.

    Please see the attachment for the exact steps involved.