What are the CY7C630xx and CY7C631xx parts?

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    Question: What are the CY7C630xx and CY7C631xx parts?



    Please note that these devices are obsolete. Instead we offer enhanced features in enCoRe II Low speed USB controllers. 

    The CY7C630/1XXA is a family of 8-bit RISC One Time Programmable (OTP) microcontrollers with a built-in 1.5-Mbps USB SerialInterface Engine (SIE). It is a low-cost solution for low-speed USB peripherals such as a mouse, joysticks, and gamepads. It conforms to the USB 1.5 Mbps Specification, Version 1.1. It supports 1 device address and 2 endpoints (1 control endpoint and 1 data endpoint). The internal memory is organized as:

    - 2 Kbytes of EPROM (CY7C63000A, CY7C63100A)
    - 4 Kbytes of EPROM (CY7C63001A, CY7C63101A)
    - 128 bytes of RAM

    It has up to 8 I/O pins with LED drive capability. It is available in space saving and low cost 20-pin PDIP, 20-pin SOIC, 24-pin SOIC, and 24-pin QSOP packages. You may review the datasheet for more details:
    CY7C630xx/CY7C631xx Datasheet.

    Note1: The CY7C630xx/CY7C631xx are not recommended for new designs. Instead we recommend using the enCoRe. It has advanced features such as the internal oscillator (no external 6MHz clock), internal 3.3V regulator (for pulling up D- as required by the USB spec), Combi USB/PS/2 interface supported, wake-up circuit (no external RC wake up circuit needed), SPI compatible, Low voltage reset, each GPIO is independently configurable in different modes,... For more info on this part, please click on:
    enCoRe USB