Accessing HID device made of EZ-USB (AN21xx/FX/FX1/FX2/FX2LP)

Version 1
    Question: I have a HID firmware running on EZ_USB (AN21xx/FX/FX1/FX2/FXLP). Once I download the firmware using EZ-USB Control panel/Cyconsole, I lose communication with the device. Is this expected behavior? How can I test/debug the working of my firmware if Control panel/Cyconsole is not able to communicate with the device?



    HID devices use the native HID driver to communicate with the host. Once you have downloaded the firmware to EZ-USB and the device renumerates, it is bound to the HID driver due to its descriptors. EZ-USB control panel/Cyconsole does not talk through the HID driver and hence you cannot use the EZ-USB control panel/Cyconsole to talk to the device. To test/debug your firmware you can force bind your device to ezusb.sys/cyusb.sys by updating driver of the device through device manager. Then you can use EZ-USB Control panel/Cyconsole respectively to test/debug the device.If you want to test/debug the device while it is connected to the HID driver you can use CyUSB.dll and Control center available with SuiteUSB. Please note that the support for this feature is limited.We do not recommend ezusb.sys for new designs. Please use our latest driver CyUSB.sys available through SuiteUSB. CyUSB.sys is more advanced in terms of features it supports and you can find these details in the webpage of SuiteUSB.