EZ-USB tutorial.

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    Question: Do you have any tutorials that can help me configure my setup and debug my code?



    For AN2131 and FX,the best tutorial for setting up and running the monitor to debug and step through your code is found in the help menu of the control panel (EzMr.exe). To get to the tutorial start the control panel and click on the help menu item. Select "Contents and Tutorial" from the drop down box. This will open a pdf file that gives you three main topics. Choose EZ-USB Developer's Kit Tutorials. The tutorial will walk you through how to set up the monitor, how to set up the break points, how to single step, set up watches and all the things you would expect a debugger to do. If you walk through the examples that are included in the development kit you should get a good feel for how to use the debugger for your own software.