What are the advantages of the new development kit - the CY3654 - over the old CY3650  CY3651  CY3652 dev kits? Why s...

Question: What are the advantages of the new development kit - the CY3654 - over the old CY3650, CY3651, CY3652 dev kits? Why should I upgrade my CY3650/1/2 to the new CY3654?



1. The 3654 is a common platform board for all the M8 products. So, instead of buying different development kit every time you move from one family to another, only a specific personality board is needed to emulate the device. (CY3654 Base + A Personality Board completes the development system)

2. Supports high level programming language with the Bytecraft C compiler

provided with the purchase of a CY3654, free of charge

3. DAC is integrated on the board to provide current sinking ability. An applications board which serves as a demo board and different types of connector are also included with the Personality board to help the hardware development.

+ Offers a much  nicer user interface, there's no manual switch settings, S1 and S3, as the old board.

+ Is integrated with a power supply circuit protection so that the user could never accidentally damage the board by supplying an inappropriate power supply. The CY3654 Platform board takes any voltage supply from 6V to 18V, 1000mA.

+ Download time is less than the old development kits.

+ The 3654 personality boards use the actual chip in a test mode in order to ensure that the characteristics of the I/O on the dev kit is the same as the real chip. 3650/1/2 have I/O that do not match the real chip.

+ The timers in 3650/1/2 are in "real time" even after a breakpoint, so you need to manually disable the interrupts to stop continual timer interrupts when single-stepping. In the 3654 the timers work in sync with program execution, so this is not necessary.