Out-of-system programming options for enCoRe III

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    Question: What are the out-of-system programming options for enCoRe III?


    There are 2 options available viz., 3rd party programmers and also CY3207ISSP (Socket programmer - also supports in-system programming)

    3rd party programmers: Some of the programmers that support the enCoRe III (CY7C64215) devices are:-
      •     Leap
      •     BPM Microsystems
      •     Xeltek
      •     Hi-Lo Systems.
    Please contact the vendors directly for programmer information

    CY3207ISSP: It can program enCoRe III 28-SSOP packages through its ZIF socket and use of an appropriate adapter. Please see the attached link for more details ⇒ http://www.cypress.com/?rID=2583