630xx/631xx Availability

Version 1
    Question: Are the 630xx/631xx parts available?



    No, the 630xx/631xx parts are not available. Instead we offer the enCoRe II(enhanced Component Reduction) series of parts for the following reasons:

    (1) Some development tools for the 630xx/631xx, including the CY3640 USB Starter Kit and CY3650 Development Kit, are either no longer available or subject to limited availability. Without the CY3650 Development Kit, development of products based on the 630xx/631xx parts will be difficult.

    (2) The enCoRe II parts offer improved performance and reduced overall system cost by integrating several features missing from the 630xx/631xx parts including:

    Crystal-less oscillator

    The crystalless oscillator offered by the enCoRe parts eliminates the need for an external crystal or resonator.

    Built-in 3.3V regulator

    The 3.3V regulator built into the enCoRe parts eliminates the requirement for an external regulator.

    Wakeup timer

    The 630xx/631xx parts require the addition of an external R/C circuit for wakeup capability. The enCoRe parts have an internal wakeup timer that eliminates the need for the external R/C circuit.


    The enCoRe parts include hardware support for SPI, providing better performance and CPU utilization than achieved by bit-twiddling an SPI interface over GPIO pins.

    Individually programmable GPIO pins

    While the 630xx/631xx parts provide GPIO control on a port basis, the enCoRe parts allow for GPIO pin configuration on a pin-by-pin basis.

    Integrated pull-ups for PS2 operation

    For PS2 applications, external pullup resistors are required when using the 630xx/631xx parts. The enCoRe parts provide this pullup capability internally, eliminating the requirement for the external resistors.