Source code of Control Center/CyConsole/EZ -USB Control panel

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    Question: Can you provide the source code of Control center/CyConsole/EZ-USB Control panel applications?



    Control center is a C# application similar to Cyconsole. The source code of Control center can be found in C:\Program Files\Cypress\Cypress Suite USB 3.4.1\CyUSB.NET\examples\Control Center after installing Suiteusb.

    Unfortunately, the source code of CyConsole is confidential and we are not able to provide it to customers. Both Cyconsole and Control center interface with devices connected to CyUSB.sys. Control center is capable of interfacing with devices connected to Windows generic HID and Mass storage driver.

    EZ-USB Control Panel is similar to CyConsole and interfaces with devices connected to ezusb.sys. Source code of EZ-USB control panel can be found in C:\Cypress\USB\Util\EzMr after installing CY3681 FX2(TM) DVK.

    We do not recommend ezusb.sys for new designs. Please use our latest driver CyUSB.sys available through Suiteusb. CyUSB.sys is more advanced in terms of features it supports and you can find these details in the webpage of suiteusb.