USB 2.0 PCB Layout Recommendations for the CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2.

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    Question: Do you have any USB 2.0 PCB Layout Recommendations for the CY7C68013 EZ-USB FX2?



    USB 2.0 PCB layout recommendations (as a starting point):
    - Four-layer, impedance controlled boards are required.
    - Impedance targets must be specified (ask your board vendor what they can achieve).
    - Do not cross plane splits.
    - Minimize vias.
    - Maximize distance to other traces.
    - Control trace widths to obtain target impedance.
    - Maintain strict trace spacing control.
    - Minimize stubs.
    - Common mode chokes (two-wire, @100MHz should be < 300 ohms, differential impedance @100MHz should be < 8 ohms) are a USB 2.0 EMI solution.
    - Refer to the USB 2.0 design guideline for solutions that work for USB2.0 FS & HS signal quality requirements.
    - Proper grounding of chassis is crucial.
    - Connector shell must connect to green wire ground early and well.
    - Short D+/D- traces from connector to silicon.
    - I/O shield must connect securely to chassis and receptacle.
    - Bypass/flyback caps on VBus near connector (ESD strikes, "helper").
    - Chapter 7 of USB 2.0 spec. ->

    We would recommend reading several design guidelines one is located at:

    In addition, we would recommend reading the design guidelines document by USB-IF . You can find the USB-IF document here.