Command From PC to Execute a Remote Node

Version 1
    Question: Can the CY3271 send a command from the PC to execute on a remote node?



    Yes, it can. While the Sense and Control Dashboard software in its current version does not support this capability directly, we are actively working on updating this software to include this functionality in a future release. That said, you can manually send commands to RF nodes using the network console function in the Sense and Control Dashboard software by clicking on the Network Console icon in the toolbar, setting the target ID of the node you want to send a command to, set the command you want to send in the available text box in this dialog and clicking the send message button. Outside of the Sense and Control Dashboard you can create simple windows-based applications that interface with the FirstTouch kit's USB HID-driver interface to receive and transmit data to the RF network hub and nodes. Finally, some control capabilities can be placed directly in the RF Hub's PSoC firmware itself and thus not requiring any computer interface whatsoever (except for USB power of course). The latter capability can be implemented in the RF Hub's PSoC Designer application and can then command node's in response to sensed values received from nodes or other applicable logic.