SCD - Add-a-sensor dialog so ambiguous

Question: How to configure the 'add-a-sensor dialog' of Sense and Control Dashboard?



In order to maximize the flexibility of the tool, we have enabled a mechanism for pulling data off a bitstream flowing from the RF Hub to the SCD application. In order to appropriately pull or reference the correct bits on this bitstream to display useful data, you simply need to address the bits on the bitstream (start bit and bitsize), set the data type for the type of data this bit address represents (essentially allowing the application to type cast the data referenced on the bitstream) and then if the data point is factored by 10 or more in order to handle simple floating point values without the large bitsize normally required, set the factorization variable (i.e. x10, x100, etc.). In doing this, you can represent multiple sensor values in one bitstream rather than requiring multiple transfers of information for each sensor--a reduction in efficiency and a more complicated implementation.