Typical Indoor and Outdoor Range of CyFi

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    Question: What is the typical indoor and outdoor range of the CyFi Protocol?



    Range is a difficult question to answer due to the many variables affecting it, however, in an open-air, line of sight, interference-free environment, we have conducted field testing that has resulted in 50-70m of range using only the on-chip power amplifier (link budget - 101 dBm). With the FirstTouch Kit in a similar environment and max off-chip power amplification (link budget - 117 dBm), we've resulted in 400-450m of range. With respect to range and based on the given assumptions there's very little difference in range between indoors and outdoors. That said, an indoor environment will typically also introduce other RF-absorbing materials such as reinforced concrete walls or other surfaces that will reduce the range depending on those material-characteristics.