Sensors supported by CY3271 - CyFi kit

Version 1
    Question: Apart from the thermistor, capacitive sensing and ambient light sensors, what other sensors can this type of solution support?



    Besides the thermistor, two capacitive sensing and ambient light sensors, the CyFi Low-Power RF and PSoC programmable system-on-chip solutions can interface to a large number of sensors.

    Rule of thumb: If the PSoC device can interface to the type of sensor you are interested in, then the CyFi part of the system can easily transmit the data. And, PSoC devices can interface to a wide array of sensors. For example, with the CY3271-EXP1 expansion kit you can evaluate how PSoC devices interface to environmental sensors such as pressure, humidity and other forms of ambient light and temperature sensing. In addition, we've developed thermocouple, PIR, Gyro, accelerometer and many other sensing solutions with PSoC devices. If you have a particular sensor you'd like to discuss in regards to a PSoC devices ability to interface with, please contact us at