Address line configuration setting in GPIF Designer

Question: I am using the GPIF Designer. I use PE7 for another hardware function . I have 'right-clicked' in the Block Diagram tab and cleared the ADR8 box (the line went grey). But when I look at the gpif.c file generated I see:  // Configure GPIF Address pins, output initial value, PORTCCFG = 0xFF; // [7:0] as alt. func. GPIFADR[7:0] OEC = 0xFF; // and as outputs PORTECFG |= 0x80; // [8] as alt. func. GPIFADR[8] OEE |= 0x80; // and as output  This seems to be setting PE7 as an output (I need it as an input). I can obviously manually edit gpif.c, but if someone modifies the design later and regenerates gpif.c this will cause a problem.  Is there a way to stop GPIF Designer from affecting PE7?


Please note that the Address line configuration setting have no impact on the rest of the program or on the waveform descriptor data generated by the Tools | Export function. They serve only to provide a visual reminder of the actual hardware application for which the waveform descriptors was designed. For more information please refer Help → This Tool → ADR line configuration.