Porting the CY3635 Hub and Sensor firmware to PSoC Designer v5.0 + SP2

Version 1
    Question: How to port the CY3635 Hub and Sensor firmware v1.0 projects to PSoC Designer v5.0 + SP2?



    When opening the Hub and Sensor projects under PSoC v5.0 + SP2 for the first time you will be prompted to update the project.

    •   The "Update project now" radio button will be pre-selected.  Press the "Update" button.
    •   When the process is complete, press the "Next" button.
    •   PSoC informs you it will automatically update your user modules; press the "Finish" button

      There are two issues with the default migration.  The boot.tpl changes are lost and the clock setting for the I2CHW is not updated correctly.  The fixes are documented below.  These modifications have not been fully validated but all basic N:1 functionality is operational.

    Sensor Project Changes

      1.  In boot.tpl, replace line 139 with the following:


       139:  'ljmp _MsTimerTick'

      2.  In boot.tpl, replace line 155 with the following:


       155:  'ljmp _SerialRxIsr'

    Hub Project Changes

      3.  In boot.tpl, replace line 135 with the following:


       135:  'ljmp _MsTimerTick'

      4.  In boot.tpl, replace line 155 with the following:


       155:  'ljmp _HostSerialRxIsr'

      5.  In boot.tpl, replace line 159 with the following:


       159:  'ljmp _HostSerialTxIsr'

      6.  Change the clock speed on the FRAM user module.

    •    From the View menu select Chip Editor
    •    From the Interconnect Tab, Select the User Module
    •    Click on the Fram user module
    •    In the User Module Parameters on the left change CPU_Clk_speed in the Global Resources tab.

    Rebuild Projects

      Once the changes have been made and saved, rebuild the .hex image:

      •     From the Config menu select Generate Application
      •     From the Build menu select Rebuild All